Moe Moe 23
Branding + Product Photography + Website


Moe Moe 23 offers custom handmade jewelry and bags made from leather, semi-precious metals, stones and various beads. All items are created by artist and designer, Nicole Moore.


Primary Logo Design

The primary logo consists the full name, "Moe Moe 23", with the tagline, "Art for the Body & Soul".

The logo mark contains the full business name (without the tagline) placed within a circle. The logo mark is used when instances where the primary logo cannot be used or does not fit well in to the allotted space.

The logo font is a custom, hand-drawn font. The tagline uses the Google font, "Playfair Display". The logo is kept monochrome in black and grey to preserve a luxury identity.



Business and Website Branding

The brand makes use of three fonts and five colors total. They are vibrant colors, yet muted and earthy in tone to give a sophisticated feel, rather than young and playful.

The red and purple colors serve as the primary colors, while the yellow, blueish grey, and light grey colors serve as the secondary colors.


Product Photography

Website Design

The website consists of six pages: one home page, four product pages and one contact/about page. 

There are four banner image options available for the home page that are meant to be switched out on a monthly basis to keep the site looking fresh and updated. As you scroll down the homepage, the viewer is directed to areas where they can learn more information about the Designer, choose between a list of product landing pages, and find where Moe Moe 23 will be in person. 

When viewing each product, there are multiple images so the customer can have a good sense of how the product will look and feel before making a purchase. Each image can also be zoomed in twice as large for a more detailed example of the product.

The footer consists of the logo mark, social media icons and a sign up form for a newsletter. The sign up form entries will automatically be sent to Mailchimp or a Google Drive document.