League Up
Logo Design + User Interface Design


League Up is a team management app for sports league players and leaders. It allows team leaders to organize and communicate schedules, standings, and other important information for each player. It's flexibility allows for the app to be used within most sports leagues.


Primary Logo Design

The primary logo is the full name, League Up, while the secondary logo is the icon. The secondary logo is used when instances where the primary logo cannot be used or as a complement to the primary logo when necessary.

The typeface of 'League' in the logo is a custom serif font that resembles the serif fonts commonly used in classic sports logos. It is coupled with a custom sans serif for the word 'UP'. To add playfulness and a more modern feel, the typeface uses only curved angles. In addition, the right half of the letter 'U' is elongated to add an up arrow. This creates a visual identity for the typeface without overcomplicating the logo as a whole. 

The contrasting primary colors are purple and yellow to represent the excitement and fun experienced while playing on a sports league. The hues are vibrant but not conflicting to the eye, making it the perfect blend of masculinity and femininity.


Secondary Logo Design + App Icon

In the icon, a combination of the 'L' and 'U' letters is used. The end of the letter 'L' curves up and around to incorporate the shape of the 'U' and arrow within the negative space of the 'L'. 


App User Interface Design

For the loading screen, I've created two options: classic and confetti. 

The confetti option continues the theme of playfulness and fun. It symbolizes the celebration felt by the team at the moment the game clock reaches zero. Using this option as the loading screen provides a sense of pleasure before diving in to the management side of being in a sports league.