Step One


To begin the process, first complete the form below. This wil give me more insight on who your target audience is and how I can most accurately represent your business through design.

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Type your business name as you want it to appear in the logo. If you want your tagline included in the logo, please type it on a separate line.
Describe your brand in a few adjectives. What do you hope people feel when they see your company/organization? Do you have a mission statement?
What are your goals for this specific project? How does it benefit your client?
Who is your intended audience? (example: children, ages 2-8, resides in Maryland, loves soccer and food, etc.) How do you reach them?
What products or services do you provide? How does this help your customer improve their problem?
What is the primary way customers find your business? (website, social media, word of mouth) What steps does the customer go through to purchase your products/services?
Do you have professional or high quality images to use? If not, I can set you up with a photographer to provide images for your website, social media or brand package.
When do you need this project completed by? Is this a hard of soft deadline?
Is there anything else you would like for me to know that may help me better understand your overall vision?